Top 10 Emerging LGBTQ+ Influencers

We’ve tried to mix things up and avoided showcasing the massive profiles that almost always make these types of lists. While these creators are very necessary to give visibility to the community, we wanted to focus on accounts that do an incredible job supporting the group through resources and safe spaces.

Not only is Tash a highly valuable representative and content creator for the LGBTQ+ community, she is also a presenter, panellist, speaker, and inclusion and diversity consultant. With a clear powerful theme of feminism and BLM evident throughout Tash’s account, groundbreaking interactive talks she has participated in include Black and Queer Feminists: Liberating and Redefining Womanhood and How to Speak Up and Build and Inclusive Culture.


Tash is also co-founder of the podcast Breaking The Distance in which she and wife Martha speak to their listeners about how the couple have adjusted to life together after breaking the distance of their long distance relationship and moving to London together – accepting it is not as easy as some may assume. With episodes such as ‘Do You Know How To Be A Trans Ally?’ and ‘What us Non-Binary?’ no stone is left unturned, and the hugely informative podcast has an impressive engagement rate of 7.61% on Instagram and over 34, 000 followers!

Engagement Rate: 1.5%

Journalist and activist Paul Davis is a fiery activist for social justice who uses their platform to speak openly about his disability. Having grown up in the quiet Valleys in Wales in an extremely tight-knit community, Paul reports it being next to impossible to come out – with the general rule being ‘If you’re gay, you move away’.


However, a lot has changed for Paul in recent years and in 2016 he was proud to announce he was winner of the Mr Gay Wales award! Since winning, Paul has vouched to make a difference, focusing closely on ensuring cohesion between all minority groups within the LGBTQ+ community. Paul’s main goal is to tackle the oppression he observes of people who are racially different or disabled through stopping the stereotypes that prevent people from coming together.

Engagement Rate: 3.41%

Dads and bloggers Rich and Lew were hugely surprised at the support they received after beginning their Instagram journey. With a current following of 55k, they are currently just at the cusp of being classed as micro influencers, but their following is growing rapidly every day. Being gay and being parents to two adopted children is something they had never thought was even possible growing up, admitting they are now ‘living the dream’ and want to share their journey through parenthood with their followers whilst importantly educating them on all things LGBTQ+ and parenting. 


Rich and Lew also use their platform to give advice on adoption and offer honest opinions on parenthood and the adoption process itself. Immensely grateful for the situation they have found themselves in, Rich and Lew’s account offers a refreshing break from the typical superficial accounts that often fill our feeds.


Engagement Rate: 4.67%

Char describes herself as ‘the unupologetic queer black woman of your dreams’ and her content is just that – unapologetic. Char’s feed not only involves fresh, bold make-up inspiration (with the best winged eyeliner we’ve seen in a while!) but also her equally bold mission to challenge traditional gender stereotypes and binary labels. 


To tackle this mission with a vengeance, Char founded Girls Will Be Boys, a Black and Queer owned story telling platform that allows members of the community to share their stories in a safe space. Through this platform, Char also created OMG She’s Bald, a powerful project exploring modern ideas of femininity through women who have shaved their heads. The project shares stories of women from different cultures who don’t feel obliged to have long hair to be considered feminine, desirable or even to avoid being questioned on their sexuality. Ultimately, the message Char wants to share is that women should be able to do quite literally anything they want – with no doubt or hesitation at all.  

Engagement Rate: 9.51%

Multi-award winning activist Charlie Craggs is most well known for her book To My Trans Sister, a book dedicated to trans women that breaks the typical mould of books such as this that purely explain life experiences of a trans person for a presumed audience of cisgendered individuals. Instead, the book comprises over 70 letters written by trans women that offer advice they wish they had received earlier in their lives. This book is said to be hugely insightful for young transgender readers – offering a safe space that can oftentimes be impossible to find. 


Not only this, though! Charlie is also the founder of Nail Transphobia, a pop-up salon that offered the public free manicures in return for the chance to sit down with a trans person and help dispel common myths and judgements. Hugely creative and undoubtedly effective – we can’t wait to see what Charlie does next!

Engagement Rate: 3.48%

Caprice is an LGBTQ+, BLM and Breastfeeding activist whose content unashamedly fills her followers in on all things parenthood with her partner, Holly. Also on the Mum List 2022, Caprice is making a fierce headway in the world of LGBTQ+ parenting – and is taking us along for the ride! 


Talking openly about the difficulties she faced during pregnancy, Caprice recalls being signed off work for months and even ending up in a wheelchair with a severe case of SPD. Despite openly stating that the birth itself was ‘the most incredible thing her body has ever done’, Caprice’s offers a refreshly candid approach to parenthood as a gay women. From dealing with changing mental health to the trauma of her pregnancy symptoms, her followers are constantly learning from her wealth of knowledge and experiences.

Engagement Rate: 2.4%

Kenny made history by speaking about trans man’s mental health and fronting a period campaign, with his activism focusing largely on menstruation, body politics, mental health and intimacy. Some of Kenny’s most well-known work comes from his efforts to reassure other trans men on issues surrounding periods, offering help in the form of a safe space where problems they may be facing can be openly discussed.


Further proving that anything is possible even against the odds, Kenny has also made waves modelling at London Fashion Week in 2019, despite being a self-proclaimed ‘short transgender man’ – in an effort to prove that fashion should be as diverse as possible. Using his platform to do nothing but wholeheartedly inspire his followers, his account is definitely not one to be ignored!

Engagement Rate: 2.2%

Rosie is a comedian, writer, actress and LGBTQ+ activist with ataxia cerebral palsy. Perhaps most well known in the U.K. for her work on TV shows such as The Last Leg and 8 Out of 10 Cats as a stand up comedian, Rosie now spends much of her time advocating for equality for disabled members of the LGBTQ+ community. She openly speaks about the rights of disabled people, not shying away from the fact that she spent many of her early years facing prejudice and bullying. Books Rosie has written to tackle this issue include The Amazing Edie Eckhart, a story aimed at young children about a girl with cerebral palsy who has a passion for performing. Her books aim to educate young children about different types of disabilities and eradicate any preconceptions that they may have about what disabled people can and can’t do.


Rosie is also extremely passionate about (and has used her platform to talk openly about!) the importance of intersectionality, the interconnected nature of social categorisations, such as disability, sexuality, gender and race. She strongly believes people shouldn’t have to stick to one main category, and, even more importantly – believes people certainly shouldn’t be defined by such categorisations!

Engagement Rate: 6.71%

Jason is a non-binary singer, model and youth worker whose primary focus is advocating for LGBTQ+ charity The AKT. The AKT works to support LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 in the U.K. who are facing or experiencing homelessness, or are simply living in a hostile environment. As an issue not typically at the forefront of the news, Jason’s work is indispensable to the community. Ranging from drag to cabaret to writing and releasing his own music, Jason is also one of the most versatile artists London has to offer. 


Another big focus for Jason is Asian solidarity – making it his mission to show that there is huge diversity within the umbrella term of ‘Asian people’. Jason is a big believer in the importance of Asian people standing together – especially in light of the racism and prejudices they regularly receive. 

Engagement Rate: 7.57%


The final, and perhaps most creative influencer to be created is Dom – a freelance artist based in London and author of LGBTQ+ journal ‘Free To Be Me’, an advice-filled journal designed to celebrate yourself. The work Dom creates aims to make people feel empowered and confident with recurring themes of LGBTQ+ rights, mental health awareness, body positivity, drag and girl bands (he’s a big Little Mix fan!). 


Fitting with his love for drag queens, Dom was even the official illustrator of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK Season 1 and for Little Mix : The Search. Something he claims he still pinches himself about daily! Dom’s feed is the perfect mix of creative artwork depicting powerful messages alongside lifestyle content of everything he’s been up to lately. Having recently featured in Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Buzzfeed, you never know where his work will next appear! 

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