Tips for Succeeding as a Remote Team

Working remotely can be a  challenge – there’s no doubt about that. But, the advantages can also be huge. With the right support network and team values (like we work hard to have at The Good Egg!), working remotely can make work far more relaxing, flexible and above all, successful!



Even in a typical office setting, a lack of communication among team members can have detrimental effects on the success of the business. So, now imagine how damaging it can be for a remote team! We ensure we maintain a constant line of communication with each other whether it’s over our online instant chat platform Slack, email, or even video calls. No question is stupid – it’s more important we all know exactly what we’re doing! What’s more, it’s likely that each member of the team is focused on totally different tasks and goals, meaning it’s easy for lines to be crossed and things to go wrong if communication is not at the forefront of a remote company’s ethos.






If you’re not flexible as a remote team – it simply won’t work. It’s important to remember most people will have very different living situations and working environments. And, if they’re anything like us, they can even be working in entirely different time zones. The key here is to be patient with one another, as you never know what could be going on behind the screen. Our belief here is generally that as long as your tasks are completed to the best standard they can be (and on time!) it doesn’t really matter where or how you get the work done. Our Founder Nat is notorious for having completed work pretty much anywhere you can name, including London, Madrid, Thailand, Ireland – the list goes on.





This is a crucial one, and it’s important to remember to check-in with each other whether you have something major to report or not. Just talking to members of the team over a video call every few days (or even better – a group call!) can often make a huge difference to how people feel about working remotely. We make sure every member of our team has at least one call scheduled a week to catch up with the rest of the team, ensuring everybody feels included and listened to. Touching base at the same time each day or week provides people with that human interaction they may be missing out on, as well as providing an often highly appreciated regular routine.





We’ve said it before, but we’ll definitely say it again. We are extremely careful to always put our mental health first as an agency and are completely against hustle culture. With regard to working remotely, this couldn’t be more critical. Listening to each other’s concerns and anxieties in an empathetic way is something we also strongly believe in, and we work hard to sympathise with each other’s struggles. If a member of our team is having a hard time, we will share out various tasks to alleviate their workload and provide them with a well-needed (and always well-deserved) rest. After all, a burnt out team is the last thing anybody wants. In addition to this, inclusivity is also key. As such a multinational company, we are also careful to ensure that nobody feels left out and isolated from the rest of the team. Employees who feel disconnected from their peers are far less likely to speak openly about any struggles they’re having, so it’s critical everybody feels included and most importantly – heard.





This is a key point for providing the team with a well-structured work schedule, making it clear exactly which tasks should be completed and when they’re due. At The Good Egg we use to track any campaigns we’re running so we can see exactly where each member of the team is at with their individual tasks. This is what works for us, but there are plenty of other platforms out there that do similar things – it’s just up to finding out what works for you! Working remotely involves a lot of ‘trusting the process’ as we (perhaps obviously) can’t physically see exactly what each other is up to. Trackers are the best way to ensure we can be kept in the loop in the most effective way possible. And, last but not least, we make sure each member of our team reports a weekly roundup of what we’ve achieved at the end of each week to our Project Manager, Shar. This way it’s easy for her to oversee exactly what’s been done, what’s missing, and anything that requires extra attention!

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