Social Media Round Up - June

June has been a HUGE month for developments on all major social media platforms. From gaming streamers finally being paid more money to apps entirely changing the format of their homepage, this monthly round-up will provide a concise review of all the major changes you need to know about!



For Instagram, the most notable changes came with the testing of its updated, TikTok-like full screen mode with the aim of making content more immersive and discoverable. The new full-screen main feed will expand Instagram posts (be it videos, Reels, or static images) into a full-height swipeable flow of content, putting Reels at the forefront. Currently, this feature is only available to a limited number of people but there are plans to continue rolling out this feature to all members of the platform. Perhaps with this in mind, Instagram has also shared new insights on how to maximise your reels content approach, stating that 20% of the time people spend on Instagram is on Reels. Some of the main tips revealed include nailing the hook, getting creative with transitions, and exploring collaborations. So, it’s clear Meta really wants people to get involved with Reels, and if you want your content to go that bit further – what are you waiting for?





A dream come true for TikTok marketers, the platform released a new Attribution Manager tool earlier this month, now enabling advertisers to set custom attribution windows for campaigns. This will provide far more flexibility in measuring the results of your TikTok promotions, allowing marketers to have more accuracy when setting the parameters that make the most sense for the next push for TikTok campaigns. Another saving grace for TikTok marketers, the platform has now also added new insights to its Creative Centre platform, making it easier for brands and marketers to see exactly which hashtags and influencers are trending at any given time!





Snapchat made two major developments this June. The first was the announcement of a new accelerator programme for Black creators, which will see the platform provide ongoing training, financial support and more to help support 25 emerging stars over the next year! The selected creators will receive $10k in funding per month for 12 months, along with early access to Snapchat features and other support measures. The second huge development was the introduction of ‘Snapchat+’, the platform’s new subscription programme. The service enables users to make a monthly fee in order to gain access to exclusive in-app features, such as custom app icons, new profile badges, data insights, display tools and more! 



Big changes for YouTube came with the testing of disappearing Community posts and the expansion of access to Membership Gifting. Community posting, which opened up to all channels with over 500 subscribers in September last year, allowed creators to share text-based posts in their Community tab. The new disappearing tabs experiment will enable creators to set a time limit on their community tab, meaning they will disappear after 24 or 72 hours. The second development, the expansion of access to Membership Gifting, will provide another opportunity for creators to boost their audience in the app. Channel members will now be able to purchase gift memberships, which will then be distributed to other viewers who are not subscribed to the channel.





June saw Twitch make waves in the gaming industry as the platform expanded its ad programme in order to include more streamers and, importantly, pay them more money. At the beginning of this year, Twitch offered select streamers a flat, guaranteed payment in return for running a fixed amount of ads. Now, the platform has changed the way it structures these payments, no longer being calculated using a CPM model. Income reliability has been one of the biggest pains for streamers on the platform and this incentive programme has been created to eliminate some of that stress. However, it’s important to remember that Twitch has been reported to be especially secretive about gamer payouts in the past, so this may be a topic to keep your eye on!

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