Influencer Marketing Facts You Didn’t Know!

Influencer Marketing has been around for a while now, and, while we definitely are more in the know now than a few years ago there are still a number of surprising facts and statistics that many people don’t know. Here are a few hugely important (but definitely lesser-known!) Global Influencer Marketing facts to think about!

TikTok Influencers With Less Than 15k Followers Have a 17.96% Engagement Rate on Average


This statistic blows Instagram’s average of 3.86% out of the water! As TikTok’s user base has rapidly expanded in recent years – so have the opportunities available to creators. And, while TikTok’s creator fund differs vastly from the ways Instagram pays creators for the campaigns they run, this engagement rate is still hugely impressive and demonstrates how smaller TikTok stars should never be disregarded for any upcoming projects.

Influencer Marketing is used by 57% of Fashion and Beauty Companies


Social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat rely heavily on static photo and, more increasingly, video content. For this reason, they provide the perfect platform for fashion and beauty companies wanting to gain exposure on their products, as well as the results of their use!



4 in 10 Millennial Subscribers Feel their Favourite Creators Understand Them Better Than Their Friends


This statistic shows just how important a role YouTubers can play in the lives of their subscribers, often providing (especially younger viewers) with security and comfort.



Instagram Has More Than Half A Million Active Influencers


Of course, some of these will be micro-influencers – but this is a staggering amount nonetheless! This number will span across all niches of Instagram, with Lifestyle, Travel and Food leading the way.



Raising Brand Awareness is Almost Always the Top Objective


Followed closely by reaching new or targeted audiences, improving brand advocacy and increasing sales conversions, raising brand awareness is pretty much always at the forefront of marketers’ intentions. As 61% of consumers are thought to wholeheartedly trust Influencer recommendations, this could be proof for why Influencer Marketing is especially effective for brands looking for exposure. 


Statistics such as these are not only highly insightful for anybody wanting to learn about the world of Influencer Marketing, but they can also help marketers decide which platform will be most effective for running campaigns. Watch this space, though, as the industry is constantly evolving and we never know what the next big ‘thing’ will be!

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