It All Starts With An Incredible Team

Not only are we experts in the creator economy – we are paving the way, too. With a purely Gen Z and Millennial-led team, we are 100% digital and highly flexible. No platform is a mystery to us as we are being constantly trained on the latest updates for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and more. Not only this, but we are also lucky enough to be able to call many creators and platform decision makers our friends, as we work hard to change the present.

We Do Not Compromise On Our Values

We never let a project, whatever the budget, interfere with our values. That’s why diversity, equality and social justice are at the core of our company.

Not ashamed to put our mental health first, we are passionate believers of championing a successful work – life balance that takes into account the right to rest, respect and integrity.

These People Make It Happen

An international, disruptive and creative team with a multicultural background that work to bring campaigns to life, putting people first.



Rui Bin

Influencer Marketing


project management


Social media




marketing assistant


Influencer marketing


Influencer Marketing

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